I want to have your baby…

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How intimate is that phrase?
It’s a phrase usually callously tossed around during less than intimate moments. Nonetheless I would hate for it to lose it’s meaning.
I too have said this exact phrase during intimate, soft spoken, late night conversations. In an act of love not one of lust.
I want to have your baby…
What does it really mean?
It’s the greatest act of love there is… I love you so much, I want to bear your child as well as equal responsibility in the well being of another human being. I love you so much that I would rip apart my body and alter it in ways that I can never repair. I love you so much that I would change my life forever. I have so much love for you that it over flows in my heart and soul and nothing would make me happier than sharing a life and a child with you. There is so much love between the two of us that we must have a family to spread this abundance of love.
Is that what you meant?
Is that vision you had when you whispered that phrase over the darkness of a room, through pants of lust, and beads of sweat.
I didn’t think so. That phrase will be left amongst tousled sheets in the glow of day break as you get dressed to leave someone you may or may not love.
What was my vision as I uttered that phrase during a midnight conversation taking place between two hushed voices as we discussed the rest of our lives. I imagined a family filled with love and building a life. My heart swells with each tender word as I ponder on our life together with children.
My vision and my meaning differ greatly from the visions of others.
And that’s ok I guess. I just want to express the importance of that phrase for me. How meaningful it is for me, and the reality of it all.
You love so much that you want to give me the greatest gift there is and fulfill every little girl fantasy I have.


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