Things I want to tell you as a barista, fellow mommy, and health nut.

Women's Health

But I can’t unfortunately, because it reduces sales at work. But I can educate you guys here!
As a breastfeeding mommy I need to take certain precautions, some of which I haven’t adhered to. They are pretty similar to the ones you had while pregnant such as monitoring your caffeine intake. Caffeine like alcohol passes through your blood stream and is present in your breast milk. So when you become addicted your baby does too. Unfortunately I learned this lesson a tad too late, so my precious child and I both had to suffer this week after I kicked the caffeine habit. I felt sluggish, suffered from a headache and cold like symptoms all week. Those are withdrawal symptoms, because caffeine is in fact a drug. It has has side effects similar to coke and meth. So if I felt terrible imagine how Micah felt! He was a miserable little soul, and cranky! But there was nothing I could do I had inadvertently caused him this pain. So please take this into consideration fellow breastfeeders when getting your daily caffeine fix.
My next point about caffeine intake is for future mommies! Caffeine effects your fertility!!! So if you’re planning to get pregnant in the next six months to a year you should cut back significantly and try natural methods for that energy boost(I’ll talk about that in another blog). If you just enjoy the flavor try decaf coffee or espresso shots.
Expecting moms, I know you don’t want to cut out caffeine all together. There is a recommended daily dosage if you have to have it, but keep in mind that an excessive amount can cause birth defects!
So please be mindful and considerate of our little ones. They depend on us for everything and we have to be healthy for them!
*next time I’ll touch on artificial sweeteners!


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