United We Stand


On August 27th I lost a battle buddy. Although we weren’t very close it still hurt. It’s like losing a piece of your family because that’s essentially what we became due to our small MOS. His death was undetermined and is currently under investigation. He was stationed at fort bragg here in my hometown and I’ve yet to hear any details. His funeral was held on Friday and I know it must have been difficult for his family to bury there child without any answers.
Last night as I searched the internet for any updates about the investigation and I came across a Westboro church newsletter. I was completely disgusted by what I read. I understand freedom of speech and everyone has there own views on spirituality and religion, but how can you say the people that defend you are going to be condemned to hell. My battle Buddy PFC Cuffee had been featured in a “list of the damned”.
They believe that because Gay people are gaining equal rights in the United States we must suffer by soldiers dying here and on foreign soil. These are the same geniuses that were protesting at soldiers funerals by the way. In the newsletter they encouraged people to respectfully protest the funerals of the nine soldiers listed and gave the hometowns of each. How can you “respectfully” protest someone’s funeral?
I guess I had forgotten that no matter what sacrifices you make for your country there will always be people that hate you, even if you volunteer to give the ultimate sacrifice in order for them to have the right to display this blasphemous behavior. There will always be people who hate us no matter what we are willing to give even if it is our lives.
So no matter what you believe in please take a moment in silence (whether you choose to pray or not) and think of my brother in arms, and all those other fallen soldiers who have given the ultimate sacrifice in order for us to have basic rights such as freedom of speech.



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