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Women's Health

I find it particularly easy to write about things I feel strongly about. Which makes perfect sense because clearly you should have a lot to say about those topics.
One topic that I feel strongly about is breast feeding, public breast feeding to be more precise. For some odd reason such a natural act comes with a lot of stigma.
A few months ago the following picture went viral:

Although I don’t see the offense in the picture a lot of people did!


I was completely shocked by the lack of empathy and support. Especially from our black female demographics. Why is it that we are so quickly to tear each other apart as women or black people? When we are two minorities most often oppressed? And why would society be offended by something as natural as breastfeeding? Yet praise sexualized artist such as Nicki Minaj and even the everyday woman dressed provocatively. I could get into our trained way misogynistic thinking or patriarchy but that would take way too long for this post.
I can admit that I’m a little more modest than a majority of my peers but I wouldn’t bat an eyelash at another woman feeding her child! Other women tend to feel offended because they’ve been brainwashed by there male counterparts and years of upbringing that the breast are only to be viewed in a sexual matter. (And if you see a woman feeding her child and you think of sex, you have bigger problems.) we are the only mammals that feel any hesitance about feeding our babies.
My breast aren’t for men to ogle or women to judge but for my children to eat and gain nutrients. In many countries the average age of weaning is four! But here in America women are afraid to breastfeed at all. Black women have the lowest amount of breast feeding mothers, is it because of the lack of support in the community? Children who breastfeed also typically have higher IQ’s, could this possibly contribute to our lacking in the classroom? Why don’t we stop bashing each other and start supporting one another.
No one should feel ashamed of publicly feeding there child no matter the place or time. It’s always an appropriate time for baby to eat with or without a cover.
Respect your fellow women and encourage her Breastfeeding by making her feel comfortable. No matter how natural breastfeeding is it’s never an easy feat.



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