The birth of my blog


When I first started this blog… It was really difficult for me to think of topics. I assumed I had to fit the cookie cutter image of mommy blogs, because being a mommy is so important to me, but that just isn’t for me. I have so much to say that really isn’t relevant to that particular topic… Yes being a mom takes up most of my day but so does being a student, a barista, and a daughter. And while interacting with my family, friends, and coworkers various topics come up. They are usually things that come a little easier to me and that I’m equally passionate about. Like politics and sociology. I like to know how the people of the world interact with each other and why… What makes one particular group feel so strongly about a particular topic? That’s the only way I can truly articulate myself and my feelings about issues of today’s growing world. I don’t find other social networks to be appropriate venues for what I have to say, not because I want remain anonymous in anyway… (Which obviously isn’t the case because I use my name here) but because I have found Facebook and Twitter to be populated by the group of people I find particularly annoying. Uneducated know it Alls. People that strongly believe in things they haven’t researched, or they haven’t even thoroughly grasped the concept of what they think they believe in. Or internet thugs and bullies, the kind of people that attack what they don’t understand. I have found WordPress to be an more open minded universe made for people who think and move like me…. Here I can say what I need to say instead of walking around with all these thoughts pounding in my head.


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