The Era of Entitlement


We live in an era in which everyone feels they are entitled to something, or that the world owes them something.
Women grow up learning that they must cater to their husbands, and men grow up learning that women should be their mothers. Sound like a cycle of Oedipus Rex syndrome to me, but I digress.
What are we truly teaching our children about life when we enable this cycle of entitlement and excess. We aren’t setting our children up for realistic relationships and values. We go into these relationships wearing rose colored glasses, with the facade of marriage in our imaginations. Women believe that they can survive on their nurturing giving spirit being a wife and mother, and men believe that their wives are going to cater their every whim. Someone typically gets sucked dry. That’s not my inner “man hating” talking either. We have not equipped our children to have functional relationships, We are grooming givers and takers. This seems like such an atrocity to me when we live in this age of ever increasing equality on all fronts (gender,race, and sexuality) Yet we continue to ingrain these archaic and outdated gender rules on our children which only sets them up for failure. Could this be the reason that divorce is on the rise?
Maybe our focus should be focused on teaching our children sustainability and life skills? Then secondarily teaching our children to love whole heartedly and unconditionally.