Offer up! Review


This is not in anyway an advertisement, I’m only talking about my personal experience.

Since my family and I have been in El Paso I’ve exploring different ways to make extra money. We also had a ton of stuff in our new place that didn’t actually fit. So we decided to downsize and get rid of a few things. More specifically clearing out our extra bedroom of useless junk in order to create a guest bedroom. 

Initially I tried some of the local yard sale pages on Facebook. They were all a bust! There was cattiness, flakiness, and over priced junk. So it made nearly impossible for me to sell anything and get a profit. Then a good friend told me about offer up, where she had recently bought a kitchen set for $75. 

So I went out on a limb and listed a few items, all reasonably priced. I posted baby clothes, Dr.Browns baby bottles, baby bullet food processor, a brand new rice steamer, and a nice size dresser. All of the baby items got immediate hits, and the food processor shortly after. 

All messages and inquiries were professional, and their weren’t any redundant questions. The app was immediately off to an amazing start. In a few hours alone I made about $100, without selling all my items. The remaining items are currently pending (just awaiting pick up). Once I sell those items I will have made $200 in a matter of hours!

The app is supper user friendly and convenient, for the buyer and the seller. I would suggest it for anyone trying to make a little extra money with anything worth buying. I’m definitely adding this to my list of ways to supplement our income!


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