Dangers of Depo

Women's Health

So I don’t screen shot bits and pieces of articles because I like you guys to read things in their entirety. I’m sharing this because someone screen shot the title and a snippet of the article
Not only did they only display a misleading and small portion of the article but they added a very insulting caption.

The article in its entirety can be found here: http://www.blackisbackcoalition.org/2013/09/14/depo-provera-deadly-violence-against-women/

The depo-provera shot is heavily pushed in areas heavily populated with African American women. Nonetheless it obviously comes with significant risks, these risks aren’t hidden when you research it yourself. We have to start going into situations armed with knowledge because you can’t trust someone else to look out for your body if you aren’t doing so.

I used the depo shot for at least a year and my nurse practitioner (who was also a black woman) made sure to advise me on the risks each time. She strongly advised not to utilize the shot for more than 2 years at a time because women of color are naturally more prone to osteoporosis, and the depo shot zaps the calcium from your body. The depo shot is NOT for long term use. So people that say they have used it for 5 plus years are being downright neglectful as well as their physicians. With all of these very blatant risks such as hair loss, weight gain, loss of bone density, and excessive bleeding you shouldn’t want to use it that long.

It also failed to gain fda approval twice due to an association with cervical cancer and breast cancer. It also causes thinning of the vaginal walls, which has been linked to an increase risk of chlamydia, HIV, and ghonorrhea.


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