Pug Fostering 🐶

Animal Advocacy

We have a thing for dogs at my house. More specifically the smoosh face variety, the proper term being bachycephalic. We currently own two Boston Terriers: Gilbert a six year old special needs rescue, and Gulliver a three year old. 

Since I’ve decided to homeschool our two year old and finish my degree online, I’ll have more time at home. As well as more time to spend with our dogs! We’ve been talking about getting another dog but I haven’t been completely sold on the idea. I was mulling this thought over a few nights ago when I came a cross a pug rescue in our city, they’re looking fosters! So I talked to my husband about it, after he gave the ok I filled out an application. They review each application and run a background check. Friday morning I received a call from the rescue (it probably took about four days to hear back) they were ecstatic to hear from me and wanted to set up a home visit. So I checked my work schedule and arranged to have them visit on Monday. This gives me enough time to clean (yikes!) and I know everyone can be home during that time. So I wanted to share my preparation process for the home visit, it largely consist of puppy proofing (similar to baby proofing) 

I did my normal cleaning routine:

Cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedrooms. Picking up after our toddler and Bostons. Sweeping, mopping, swiffering(this is key for pet owners), washing dishes, and dusting. 

Then the puppy proofing. Dogs are like small children, they explore the world by putting things in their mouths. So even after cleaning my floors, I checked every nook and cranny for anything that could be lying around. Then I made sure all cords and electrical outletswere out of site or covered. Then I was sure to move any low hanging fruit(easily accessible treats) to higher places or the pantry. I also made sure our baby gates were properly secure, not only do the my keep our toddler safe but they secure our dogs in specific areas. I then replaced our dogs blankets with fresh and clean blankets. 

Although our house is squeaky clean and secure, I made sure to check our doggy door and outside gates. These are places pet owners should always double check, in the event that one of your dogs is an escape artist like Gilbert! I also made sure the yard was poop free and hosed the patio. This a precaution I take after every dogvacay guest as well because we occasionally have some that mark or haven’t been trained not to potty on the patio. This cuts down on the spread of germs. When I clean the patio I use a cap full of bleach and a scoop of detergent or dawn. 

After all of this I felt pretty confident about the state of my house. There was still one more thing to take care of though. I got out our family binder and pulled both Gilbert and Gulliver’s shot record, just to have them readily available in the event that they asked for them! 

Now I feel completely prepared! Hopefully we can all keep the house clean until noon on Monday. Which is no easy feat for any of us.  

I hope this post can eventually help someone else get approved to foster! It’s an amazing thing and I can’t imagine any greater gift for these guys other than adopting! So hopefully I’ll be writing next week to talk about introducing your pet to house guest and acclimating your Foster pet!


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