So it’s official!

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We’ve been approved to be fosters!  We’ll get our first brachycephalic Foster after the we reinforce our side gates. Which is an easy project for my next off day, and another post do you guys. 

So I got up a little early to tidy up and make sure everyone was dressed. Conveniently 🙄 my husband went to the laundromat. I also did a little poop pick up in the backyard so they could check out our outdoor space as well. The two young ladies doing the home check were amazingly friendly, and our dogs and Micah proved to be very charming. Micah gave them the grand tour and even gave them my business card! They looked at all the things I though they would check like yard space, the gates, Access to outside space(such as the doors leading out), and our dogs temperaments. They had a few questions for me: 

How do our dogs get along with other dogs?

Is yard time supervised? 

Are we willing to reinforce the side gates?

Are we willing to foster other breeds other than pugs? 

Where do our dogs go when we go out during the day, or at night?

How do we feel about crate training? 

Are our dogs spayed/neuter? 

And how do we feel about taking in strays that are not yet spayed/neutered?

I’m sure there were other questions but these were the most important ones. So after they checked our house, we sat down and went over the contract which was pretty much self explanatory and very similar to what’s outlined in the application. After agreeing to all the terms and conditions, I was able to sign.

Then cue husband, who tried to dodge a social bullet to his introverted being. He introduced himself then shuffled to our bedroom. 

They left their information, Micah handed out more DogVacay promo material and we said our goodbyes.  Our next step to obtaining our Foster is the fencing project, which anticipate doing on Wednesday. 

So look forward to my diy project, and acclimation tips! 


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