Reinforced Fence

Animal Advocacy

So I said I would share my method for reinforcing my side gate, which is a wrought iron gate typical in El Paso neighborhoods. It was relatively easy for desert heat, pregnant carpenter ๐Ÿ˜‰, and my toddler handyman. Not to mention we didn’t have the correct tools! We went into this equipped with a hand me down roll of poultry wire (Which we’re more than grateful for!), some wire, and wire cutters. I simply measured up the poultry wire to the fence and cut it down the side. My handyman and I then used the roll of wire (I pre cut a few pieces before we got started)to secure the poultry wire to the gate.  I secured both sides and the bottom.  It wasn’t as secure as I would like but it’s  secure enough to keep my small dogs in the yard. With this done we can obtain our first foster!


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