In light of Father’s Day

Animal Advocacy

So as a precursor to a special family announcement tomorrow (to celebrate Father’s Day) I want to share Micah’s birth story.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted a natural birth… By natural I mean vaginal with no drugs. I did a lot of prep work by exercising, reading/researching, and taking a class on base. All proved to be beneficial in the long run but I didn’t learn the pain relief techniques that I really needed to go through with this successfully.

Anyways… Let’s start with Late night December 11th. I went to bed with intermittent contractions, they were sporadic and not painful at all. So I assumed they were Braxton hicks something I had experience many times before. So I did all the things I learned in my birthing class to determine if they were real. So I went to the bathroom, took a warm shower, ate a small snack, and had a drink. I was still having them pretty sporadically. Because they weren’t consistent I just went to bed. 

I woke up the next morning around 5am with a dull lower back pain, so I had my mom help me into the bathtub to soak. The pain continued even with the jet stream hitting my back. So I stayed in until the water got cold and my mom helped me back out. She agreed to take me to the hospital but first she wanted to stop and get me breakfast then stopped at her school to drop off lesson plans for the substitute teacher. We made it to the hospital by 9am and went straight to labor and delivery. This is where the pain finally subsided. Nonetheless They checked my cervix to see if I was dialated at all, only about 1.75cm. So the doctor offered to do a membrane sweep, which was extremely uncomfortable but I would do it again because I think it was helpful. I was scheduled for an appointment an hour later but they cancelled it and scheduled an induction for December 17th(my birthday) just in case I didn’t go into actual labor the next few days. So I was sent home.

The next day My actual due date, my mom took me to breakfast at ihop then to the mall to walk around. We walked into the food court and I lost my mucus plug. It was disgusting and I cleaned myself up as best as I could. I told my mom and she said she wanted to make a return and we would go home so I could rest. So after walking around in the next store while my mom made her return my water broke… Even more gross and uncomfortable. So my mom took me straight to the hospital instead, where I still wasn’t having contractions but they admitted me anyways.

From the beginning they fought me about my request. I didn’t want to be attached to an iv but they said it was hospital policy. After getting to my room they started encouraging pitocin because I wasn’t having steady contractions and they didn’t want me there for days. So I agreed, even though that wasn’t really my problem. Then the nurse asked About my birth plan and breastfeeding plan, which she wrote down on a white board so everyone entering the room would know about my wishes. Then I was attached to a fetal monitor, which made me more miserable. I called my best friend and my dad who came to the hospital immediately. As soon as they got there the contractions kicked in, they were sharp and long… I felt the need to be mobile but anytime I wanted to move they had to unhook EVERYTHING! The midwife got tired of me disrupting the fetal monitor so they put in an external fetal monitor. Which made me even more miserable 😒 I was climbing the walls, I was wailing, crying, going back and forth to the bathroom. Not to mention starving because it had now been almost 8 hours since I had breakfast. This went on to almost 8pm by this time the pitocin was making crazy and I was demanding the nurses stop giving it to me. The midwife asked if I wanted an iv pain reliever so I could rest, I obliged and immediately went into a foggy sleep. I woke up an hour later to never ending contractions, I tried to get up to go to the bathroom but the midwife wanted to check me first. She discovered I was 9cm dialated! She called for the nurse and started prepping for me to push while telling me to wait it out. Which I couldn’t do because I was already feeling the urge to push. My instincts told me to get on all fours and I pushed once, his head and shoulders emerged. I pushed again and he emerged completely. He was placed on my stomach for skin to skin contact, they said his umbilical chord was too short so they cut it before it stopped pulsing cleaned him up and swaddled him and handed him back to me. 

I looked at him and immediately thought he looked nothing like me! I was so overwhelmed with emotion that o cried about it. But he was beautiful, 21 inches long and 7lbs. I no longer felt short changed by what didn’t go according to my plan. 


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