Stay in your place…

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In the wake of the storm that is Ayesha Curry, I find myself disturbed by several things… The amount of men that thought they needed an Ayesha Curry only days ago, the fact that these same men now believe she needs to shut her mouth and stay in her lane, the fact that she has frequently been compared to Lebrons wife, and the fact that single men feel as though they should have any say in what a woman’s place actually is(and the nerve they had to say it on tv). 

Not long after I spoke on the blatant sexism of all of this, one of my Facebook friends felt it necessary to explain what Ayesha Curry’s tweet was unnecessary as well as my opinion. Both should have kept to ourselves. Ah… Yes another man feeling the need to silence a woman. 

It’s not the difference of opinion that bothers me, but the fact that men still believe they have the right to tell women where and when their opinion is needed or wanted. And the fact that everyone aspired to “have” an Ayesha Curry until she proved herself a tad too outspoken. See men (black men in particular) are all about the revolution until their woman is a little too outspoken for them.

Society also feels threatened by her disassociation with this American Sweetheart image she has been branded with. Light skin women are typically expected to be passive, quiet, and permissive. Things she has proven herself not to be on several occasions. She has proven time and time again that she is a proud black woman and refuses to shrink herself down into some mediocre Box in order to be conducive to her husbands image. She actually took one for the team in terms of his image, if she hadn’t tweeted so “recklessly” Steph Curry would have been eaten alive the next day. His poor sportsmanship would have placed him at Cam Newton status after the super bowl. He snapped on a referee and spit out his mouth guard. But that hasn’t been the topic of conversation ironically. 

The problem doesn’t lie with her opinion itself, because reality is we all think pro sports are rigged. We all think sports are about politics, she’s not the first to say it by any means. But the fact that a black woman spoke out against the establishment is the true problem. It’s the fact that she couldn’t sit back quietly and be pretty without drawing attention to herself. She spoke her mind, and that’s a dangerous thing in white misogynistic America.


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