HSP During Pregnancy 

Women's Health

Being a hyper sensitive individual while pregnant
For a hyper sensitive person, the world can seem overwhelming a majority of the time, and many situations quickly become exhausting. For me it’s difficult to even sit through an emotional movie because I quickly become exhausted and my emotions are raw, an exceedingly gory movie cranks my anxiety to such a high that I cant tolerate it. My husband and I watched the purge and I was plagued with anxiety for days. I am easily exhausted by the outward emotions of others, especially abrasive personalities. By no means do I hide from confrontation but I would just rather not be bothered with it. Being hyper sensitive in today’s world, where violence is a normal part of the evening news and knowing you are a person that carries the weight of the world on your shoulders is AWFUL, it literally feels awful. It’s like walking around covered in Velcro and every time you meet someone, watch the news, or check social media you pick up something. Imagine all that you have picked over the course of just a day. I have learned different techniques to cope with it and I manage to mask most of my feelings until I can make it home for the day to decompress.
But this task of masking my ocean of emotions and managing to shake off the emotions of others has become increasingly difficult. Why? Well because I’m pregnant and hormonal. This isn’t my first pregnancy but this time around I’m have a more difficult time than with my first son. Maybe it’s because of school or being in a different place… who knows really. Nonetheless this has been one of the most difficult experiences of my life, most of my typical techniques aren’t working for me and I’ve been reduced to staying at home unless it simply cannot be avoided such as work or taking my husband as a way to deflect other people away from me. My Velcro is working double time and I end my day with twice as much stuck to me than usual. The week of Memorial Day we had a death in our family, a little before that I was planning to visit my family because my dad was getting remarried (something that I’m not unhappy about, I’m just still coming to terms with it because my parents have been married 20 years and are recently divorced), I needed to find somewhere for our dogs to go because my husband had drill that weekend, then I needed to adjust my plans to go to a funeral, trying to get on a plane to go home to mourn with my family became so overwhelming that I couldn’t even catch the flight. I had all these things stuck to me and I just couldn’t shake them off to function. I was exhausted by the thought of doing anything and my anxiety was at an all time high. Add this to the influx of emotions and hormones I was already dealing with and it makes for a pretty miserable time.
            Work also over stimulates me, especially when I work long shifts. Typically I’m an animal loving person but when I’ve had my emotions rubbed raw all day, been constantly touched by other peoples pets and try to come home to my own toddler and dogs, I just want SPACE! We’re just at a place where everyone is really clingy right now, I find myself at the center of a dog pile every night. But I have learned a few techniques this time around that have helped a little… I just have to stay on routine.
So when it comes to going out and running errands…. I have to go out at the earliest time possible when I know I wont run into very many people. This has been hard and a lot of times I have to send my husband to do things like going to the grocery store because it has become simply overwhelming to go in the afternoon or evening. I also try to spend a few minutes after work to decompress… take a hot shower (my only alone time), take my time eating, read or write a little. I just need to make sure I have scheduled time to slow down my mind. In the morning I make sure I take time to have my coffee and do some writing to set the tone for the day, then Micah and I will take some time to go for a walk before we settle into our home school routine. I’ve also taken time to talk to my family about my need for personal space right now, I’m not really as interested in snuggles and cuddles as I usually am. Sometimes this one is particularly difficult, I frequently find myself shooing the dogs back to their own bed or peeling a toddler off of me. Sometimes I just need a nap to recharge, otherwise I’m incapable of doing anything. I also have to limit my social media time and how often I watch the news. Especially before bed or early in the morning, it directly effects what kind of day I’ll have. I just have to make a genuine effort to take care of myself, otherwise I would burn myself out.. If you have any tips that you use to manage your HSP while pregnant or not, feel free to share!


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